Best TIG Welders For Money – Review and Buying Guide 2023

Best TIG Welders – Top Picks and Reviews

Are you looking for the best TIG welder that gives a quality weld finishing?  Best TIG welders control the heat better and provide more adequate welding. TIG welders are one of the best tools for welding perfectly. And to get the right one, you need to choose wisely as there is a rush on the market for this product. 

These TIG welders help you in many cases, such as welding steel, copper, door handles, and other household chores. These TIG welders are no doubt a bit expensive, but if you choose the right one, it can serve you for many years.

You might have watched various videos and read several TIG welder reviews that confused you more. We have researched adequately to ensure that this article will offer you a solution to your current welder buying dilemma. We want to make sure that you take home the best TIG welder for money in the world. This article gives you the top 10 TIG welders reviews and buyer guide.

01. Weldpro Digital TIG 200GD AC/DC 200 Amp TIG/Stick Welder. (Best Value for Money.)


Pros & Cons

  • Relatively low price.

  • Can be used as a stick/TIG welder.

  • Relatively portable.

  • Can be used by beginners.

  • Not fit for heavy-duty applications.


The 2020 Weldpro 200GD welding machine is uniquely designed and is a perfect fit for both experts and beginners. It is reasonably priced considering its quality and the fact that it is priced below $1000. Welding machines that have similar features to Weldpro 200GD AC/DC 200 Amp TIG/Stick Welder cost above $1000.

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This powerful welder comes in a strong yellow-painted casing that is made of high-quality materials. The casing is durable and resistant to knocks and falls. Although we have lighter welders, Weldpro weighs 60.9 pounds. It’s portable and efficient to work with even in projects that require you to move it from place to place.

Welding gurus love this machine because if its ease of use. It has well-located amp controls on the front panel hence easy to operate. All the controls are clearly labelled and easy to understand. It’s risky and confusing if a beginner operates a welder that doesn’t have amp controls. They are likely to attain messy results.

It comes with two welding options; stick and TIGwelder. It’s a reliable 2-in-1 cheap TIG welder. With this welder, you can work on different types of metals than when you could purchase a machine with one welding option. The two welding options makes it the best ac/dc TIG welder for the money.

The unique inverter technology on Weldpro 200GD welding machine makes it more efficient. It’s versatile because it works with either an alternating current or a direct current. Hence, the current available in your working area doesn’t affect your work progress.

Overall, looking at the machine’s price and exceptional performance, it is the best aluminum TIG welder for the money. That’s why it comes at the beginning of our top TIG welders list.

02. Forney Multi-Process Welder. (Best TIG welder for home use).

Pros & Cons

  • Multi-process welder.

  • Compact and sturdy.

  • Infinite adjustability feed speed

  • Wire loads easily and quickly.

  • Require fewer skills to operate.

  • Comes without TIG accessories.

  • MIG gas regulator is sold separately.

  • Low duty cycle.


If you want a reliable multi-process welding machine, then it would be best if you bought this Forney’s welder. It’s a semi-professional welder that runs at 140 Amps. This machine is useful in various projects. You can use it at home or in your garage. It is a perfect option, even for commercial projects.

This mid-range level welder is one of the best from Forney that you can get in the market. It has a high-quality and comes at a pocket-friendly price. Anyone who wants to MIG weld, TIG weld, or stick weld using this machine. That is why it is suitable for garages that have varying welding works. It has a three-position switch to allow users to change process quickly.

The 140 MP multi-purpose welder is the right hobby TIG welder, but professionals can use it as well. With a 120-volt input, it’s suitable for home conditions because most power outputs in homes are more than 120V.

The welding output of this machine cannot is elegant and hence appropriate for welds that require clean finishes.

We can’t forget the quality build of the Forney 140 MP multi-process welding machine; light and sturdy. With only 24.81 lbs. one can carry it around conveniently around the project’s site. It is the best home TIG welder you can find in the market today.

03. ESAB EMP215IC 120/230-Volt Dual Voltage Professional Grade TIG/Stick/ MIG/ Welder (Best value TIG welder).

Pros & Cons

  • Comes with all welding parts.

  • Different modes are customizable.

  • A unique TFT screen for display.

  • Dual voltage ranging from 120v-230v.

  • Can run on heavy-duty generators.

  • It gets hot at times.

  • Only runs on direct current.

  • A bit expensive.


Unlike many welders, this Esab machine comes with three processes, making it the right choice for all welding works. You can use this welding machine for TIG, MIG, Flux corded welding, and stick welding.

The Tungsten Inert Gas Welding option makes it a great ferrous metals and stainless steel TIG welders. It’s also useful in non-ferrous metal welding, e.g., magnesium and aluminum.

All types of welding tasks can use this welder. It can be used for simple home repairs as well as for heavy industrial work. It’s also the best home shop TIG welder. But what makes this welding machine unique?

It can work with a wide range of 120-230 Volts, making it unique from most of the market’s welders. A unique feature of this machine is that you can create profiles according to your preference. For example, if you use a MIG gun, the machine will set the profile according to your preferences.

Don’t forget that it has a high pixel display that helps you to operate the machine efficiently. The display shows the settings and what you are doing.

The Esab EMP215IC 120/230 welder is lightweight and is therefore useful in most welding tasks. It only weighs 25 Kgs and hence portable for tasks that need movement. It’s an excellent small TIG welder to use in your welding projects.

04. Hobart 500551 AC/DC TIG Welder 230V (Best beginner TIG welder).

Pros & Cons

  • Has both AC and AD alternatives.

  • Capable of working on thick metals.

  • High-frequency non-contact arc start.

  • Fan on demand.

  • Inverter technology.

  • Low duty cycle.

  • Not ideal for professionals.

  • Less portable.


The main advantage of this welder is that it’s user-friendly. It doesn’t involve complicated settings to work with. Even beginners will only need to plug it in and use it. You only require to be sure of the type of metal you want to work with and its thickness. We don’t mean that it’s only for beginners; experts love it too because no one loves to work with a hectic machine to operate.

Another unique feature that makes this machine famous among welders is the fan—the fan-on-demand feature. You can switch the fan on and off when using it. It helps you to manage dust and debris that is sucked by this welding machine when operating it.

Hobart 500551 EZ-TIG 165i has a switch to help you start the arc without contact. This eliminates the need for you to contaminate tungsten or other materials.

It has an efficient amperage control feature and a broad operating range. This feature gives you more control over the welder.

05. 2018 AHP AlphaTIG 200X 200 Amp IGBT AC DC TIG/Stick Welder (Best inverter TIG welder).

best tig welder for money
best tig welder under 1000

Pros & Cons

  • A foot pedal for easier control.

  • Ideal for thin materials.

  • Advanced inverter technology.

  • A unique pulse feature.

  • Cons.

  • Though useful, the foot pedal wears out quickly.

  • Low-quality torch.


The 2018 AHP AlphaTIG 200X is the best welder to work on slim metals. This fantastic welder from AHP can be used for welding various metals such as steel, stainless steel, and aluminium.

It is designed with modern inverter technology and a pulse size inflection that helps the machine work effectively with thinner gauge materials. Again, it is useful in welding tasks that require high accuracy.

With IGBT technology, this welding machine offers a steady source of power for its 110V and 220V. It gives a 150 amperage outcome at its lowest power input (110V).

Amazingly, the welder comes with all necessary tungsten inert gas welding. It includes all accessories that one will require to begin a welding project.

Being a budget-friendly welder, it’s a great choice for those who want to work on aluminium. It has a type 17 torch, but it can work with other small torches such as the type 18 and 26. It’s an incredible welding machine useful for all easy tasks.

It is far cheaper than other machines with similar features. Unfortunately, their quality cannot match the AHP AlphaTIG 200X 200 Amp IGBT AC/DC TIG/Stick welding machine. It comes with a square-wave inverter and a tungsten inert gas torch that includes an HF shift start button. Look no more; this machine from AHP is among the best TIG welders for aluminium.

06. Lincoln Electric Square Wave TIG 200 TIG Welder (Best TIG welder for beginner).

Pros & Cons

  • TIG and Stick options.

  • Portable and convenient.

  • Advanced features but easy to use.

  • Short ground cable.

  • The pulse is not adjustable.


This Lincoln Electric’s welder is a highly portable stick and TIG welding machine that can serve different welding experts’ levels. Starting from beginners, hobbyists, fabricators, and experienced craftsmen can use this welder for their tasks.

It’s portable and professionally designed to expand your expertise. The Square Wave TIG 200 welder has additional functionality to help new welders to grow their skills and confidence. This machine is fit to work with at any skill level; it cannot disappoint users. It’s basic enough for welding learners and is also advanced that even experts can use it. It means that you can buy it to start welding and continue using it when you are experienced.

You can use this machine on various projects, including the ones that require you to move around. It’s portable than most TIG welders. With only 46 lbs., anyone can conveniently carry it from point to point.

The voltage options offer every user more flexibility in their welding projects. The Square Wave TIG 200 has both AC and DC power inputs for aluminium and steel/chrome-moly/stainless steel welding respectfully. A Lincoln TIG welder for sale should have all the features we have highlighted here.

Operators can set the machine on the interface and weld with no worry.

07. PRIMEWELD TIG225X 225 Amp IGBT AC DC TIG/Stick Welder.

Pros & Cons

  • AC/DC power options.

  • Pulse arc capabilities

  • High-frequency start.

  • Effective sloping functions.

  • Includes a foot pedal.

  • The foot pedal isn’t comfortable.


The PRIMEWELD TIG225X is the best AC DC TIG welder and costs under $1000. It can be used to TIG weld thick metals because it has a wide amperage range of up to 225 amps.

This welder is designed with a range of settings to suit the specific type of welding you need.

A strong and uniquely designed foot pedal makes it easier to control during welding. It helps the user to control the amperage manually. However, the pedal isn’t the best available in the market. We have some welders with more robust pedals that are more durable and comfortable.

If you love pulse welding, the machine has a pulse arc capability. You can switch a down-slope or up-slope function if you don’t prefer using the foot pedal.

Overall, this welding machine is an incredible option with a great range of features compared to other welders below $1000. You can read through some other ac dc TIG welder reviews and be sure they will confirm this. We recommend it to both beginners and expert TIG welders.

08. Forney 324 MIG/Stick/TIG 190-Amp Welder, 120/230-Volt (Best cheap AC/DC TIG welder).

Pros & Cons

  • Simple and easy to operate.

  • Portable due to its small size and lightweight.

  • Very reasonable price.

  • Convenient packaging.

  • Overheating issues.

  • Develops problems with wire feeds.


The Forney 324 welder can handle TIG, MIG, and stick welding. It includes a convenient three-position switch that is useful in changing the process mode. The MIG and stick setup consists of a gas hose and a flow meter. These unique features are not in machines from other brands.

The welder is made of a rugged metal case to protect it from knocks and falls. The package includes a torch (10’ lead), gas hose, stick electrode holder, 15’ input power cable, and a gas regulator. It has a flow meter that controls the amount of gas released via a single-stage piston.

Working on a voltage of 115 and 220, it gives 15 and 50 amps respectively and can work on 3/16” thickness. The stick electrodes range is up to 5/32.”

Forney designed this machine with a four-stage trigger to save the operator from fatigue. The welder continues to weld until you tap the trigger to switch it off. It also has synergic controls to allow users to regulate the wire feed rate. Again, it has a drive roll, fast disconnect, geared idler, and other functions.

It is useful in various types of metal fabrication. People use it in maintenance and repair, DIY/hobby projects, and agricultural machinery.

The torch and the foot pedal are purchased separately to facilitate TIG welding, but it comes with a stinger and ground clamp for stick welding. This Forney machine is the best cheap TIG welder. It’s also the best portable TIG welder for welding professionals.

09. 2019 Everlast Power ITig 201 DC STICK TIG dual voltage welder.

Pros & Cons

  • Powerful with a wide amperage range.

  • Suitable for commercial use

  • Durable with high-quality components.

  • A foot pedal for more control.

  • Not convenient for beginner users.

  • Requires a TIG cooler.

If you are a professional welder and want your clients to accept clients to recognize what you offer them, this the right machine to purchase. To begin with, it provides excellent performance and an unbeaten amperage range at only 5A. It means that if you are buying one, you’ll have the machine with the best stability arc TIG welder, top-notch crater feeling, and an effortless start.

This welder comes with both alternating and direct currents (AC/DC). With these two power outputs, you can weld magnesium and aluminium as well as thick steel plates. It has 250A maximum power delivery on its 240V motor. This power output can serve in a majority of welding projects, including heavy industrial applications.

While operating the 2019 Everlast Power ITig 201 welder, you can control the post- and pre-flow to shield yourself from gas.

The panel display may confuse some, but this welding machine remains the best in quality, functionality, and efficiency.

10. Lotos CT520D 50 AMP Air Plasma Cutter – (Best budget TIG welder).

Pros & Cons

  • Offers high value for money.

  • High-quality components.

  • Easy configuration and operation.

  • Combines stick and TIG welding with plasma cutting

  • Not suitable for heavy-duty use.

  • Only provides DC output hence can’t weld aluminium.


The Lotos CT520D is a highly versatile welding machine that you can use for Stick welding, TIG welding, and plasma cutting.

If you are looking for a versatile machine that gives you value for money, look no further than this welder and cutter combination from Lotos. Its quality is better than other machines with the same output and amperage range. However, anyone who used it will tell you how this welder offers a wide range of welding applications.

The plasma cutter works effectively for both casual and light industrial applications. Users love the fact that it has a dual voltage of 220V and 110V.

Though it only delivers a direct current output, it allows for welding and cutting of steel of up to ¾” thickness. It’s a great low budget TIG welder that doesn’t compromise on quality.

If you are involved in tasks that require you to move from point to point, you need small TIG welders and Lotos CT520D is one such machine. It is a highly portable TIG welder since it’s light in weight. The Lotos CT520D one of the smallest TIG welders you can get in the market.

Best TIG Welders Buying Guide

Whenever someone wants to invest some money in a machine, it’s good to pick the best. When it comes to TIG welder brands, there are hundreds of options to pick from and hence the need to understand to help you do TIG welder comparison before buying one. You might get confused once you get into a store that is offering TIG welding machines for sale. Buying the best TIG welder is quite a difficult task if you’re a novice. There are plenty of things that one must consider while buying them. The best TIG welder with all the advanced features works better and faster than the one having a low price. So that’s necessary to ensure what you are paying for. To get you off this agony, we have summarized the factors to consider before buying a TIG welder.


TIG welding is a process of precise welding with a very clean weld with less smoke with no electric sprinkles. Such types of welders are mostly used in high applications such as automotive and experimental aircraft as such applications need precise heat control so that they can be welded perfectly.

Selecting the Best TIG Welder by Power Input

There is a wide variety of best TIG welder by power input; some are as follows.

Amperage Range

Amperage range is our priority when it comes to buying a TIG welder. Go for one that provides you a broad variety at a low cost. A TIG welder that has a narrow amperage range can limit the materials more accurately.

If you want to weld thin material, make sure to buy a welding machine with a range between 5 and 230 amps because they are more flexible. Buying a wider amperage range will eliminate the need to buy other welding machines as you can also use them on other applications.

Low Amperage Welding

Another thing you’ve to consider while buying a TIG welder is that it should have excellent arc stability below 10 amps. With that feature, you will get an easy start with much better heat control. You can start TIG welding without a hot start or high frequency as it is used for thin materials.

Some products in the market have such technologies that help to launch the arc, but unfortunately, some of them are not. So do make sure your TIG welder has a broad amperage range from low to the high amp.

AC/DC Welding

If you want to weld more than steel or stainless steel, then it is necessary to buy one that offers both AC and DC options. For example, AC welding is for soft materials such as Magnesium and Aluminum. And on the other hand, DC welds are for hard metals such as steel and stainless steel.

Quality and Appearance of Welding Job

When it comes to buying a welding machine, it is important to note the quality and speed of the TIG welder machine. If you want it for professional use, the one with AC capabilities is the best option for you.

Power Input

Every TIG welding machine has a voltage rating on its side that shows its current requirements. The more the voltage rating increases on the machine, the more capacity it will take. This feature is an excellent choice as some metals weld on high voltage. But before that, you should also make sure the voltage rating is available at your place or not.

Ignition Type

Before starting a welding process, TIG welders require an ignition. There are many ignition methods, but the most commonly used are the high-frequency start and lift start.

The high-frequency start provides a cleaner and faster ignition. In this type, you don’t need to use any metal contact before starting, and you will still get better welding results. Whereas in the lift start, you need to make contact before welding anything to get rid of the improper welding.

Adjustment Settings

Like many other electrical devices, the TIG welding machine also comes with various adjustment settings, such as current frequency, pulse time, etc. With such settings, you can do welding according to your requirements.


It is another factor that plays an essential role while buying a TIG welding machine. As we know, a TIG welding machine consists of a cable that can not reach everywhere. In that regard, the weight of the TIG machine matters a lot. If the TIG machine is lightweight and compact, you can quickly move it around you, but they will also have less power output.

Digital Control

Many TIG welders have digital control feature that makes it easy to use and operate. You can see various settings on the screen so that both the professional and beginner can operate it. It will make the welding process even easier and efficient.

Foot Pedal

This feature will work great for a novice; a foot pedal on a TIG welding machine is the best option for reliable welding. Sometimes the welding projects get complicated, and a welder has to use both of his hands. In that case, the foot pedal works great for controlling heat.

Duty Cycle

You can figure out how stable welding a device can knock in a ten-minute interval with this feature. It takes a 10-minute duration in which the device can weld at its highest current. In other words, the duty cycle is a reference for the number of minutes. The equipment should be cooled down after performing its task.

The duty cycle appears in percentage values that means you have to do a little maths to find the minutes available to weld per each ten-minute cycle; you need to multiply all percentage points by 10.


A portable welder is unnecessary if you’re using a device in the same location again and again. But, if you are changing the power supply, you need a portable welder. The portable device can be used in two ways as a  TIG welder; the first one includes engine-driven welders, and the second one is inverters.

Inverters run at 115 and 230-volt currents, weighing around 10 pounds. Inverts are used to enable smaller sized and lighter power than ordinary welding devices. In contrast, Engine-driven welders do not consist of a power supply source for welding. Such power sources can be used for in-the-field maintenance, e.g., pipeline welding, construction work, etc.

The Right Controls

Heat control is another great feature that the best TIG welder machine contains. Extra internal TIG pulser is one of the features that the best TIG welder adopts. This feature works best for supplying good heat input control. Also, this feature can help the novice welder to create a regular looking finishing to your weldings.


The price varies from product to product. Each product available on the market has a different price tag. Usually, the price can vary from between a few hundred to thousands of dollars. The prices depend on the equipment or packages and parameters or brands.

The best TIG welder will cost you somewhere in the middle, while if you need one for professional work, it will cost you below $1000 or even under $500. Do remember that the more expensive devices can be mostly used for Titanium welds.

Availability of Space in the Workshop.

You must consider the space that you can free up for your TIG welding machine. First, make sure that the machine can fit through your door and confirm the availability of a space that can accommodate the welder. Also, ensure to have the correct power fittings. We have 220v TIG welder and the light consumers may need 120V.

Think of where to keep your welder because they vary in weight and size. Some light machines may weigh only 40 pounds while heavy ones weigh up to 200 pounds.

The Product’s Warranty and Return Policy.

Before buying a welder, it’s paramount to know whether the manufacturer offers a warranty and its length. Again, consider whether they have a return policy for their product. In case your machine develops some problem, you should be secure knowing that the manufacturer covers you. Most reliable brands offer a 90-days return policy to their customers.

The Machine’s Portability.

Some welding works requires you to move the machine around. With very heavy welders, you will have to incur on a welding cart. With a light and portable welder, you can conveniently move it and apply it in overhead projects.

Metal Thickness.

It’s an important consideration to make because different welders are used on metals of varying thickness. If you buy a machine designed for light welding tasks, you could be disadvantaged if you have a heavy-duty welding project.

Some welders are designed to operate on specific lengths as a way of saving up on energy expenses. A machine’s amperage determines how far it can cut, and therefore it’s important to be sure of it. If your welding work involves thick metals, you will want to buy a TIG welding machine that has higher amperage.

Welders with high amperage can range from 310 to 700 amps, while low amperage welding machines have a maximum of 200 amps.

With these ideas, you will be able to buy the best TIG welding machine that won’t frustrate you.

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